On the War Memorial Trail in Europe with Pieter and Daria Valkenburg

“Lest we forget.” That’s what we hear every November 11 as we gather by the various cenotaphs and memorials for the Remembrance Day services. … But if you look at the list of names on the cenotaph or memorial you’re at, do you have any idea about the service and sacrifices made by the people listed on those various memorials? 

… On the way to Moeuvres on a nerve racking ride, sharing the road with drivers who think they’re kamikaze pilots, we passed through the village of Vis-en-Artois and I demanded we stop for coffee and a badly needed toilet break. 

… I was able to order us coffee in my best schoolgirl French. Everyone immediately picked us out as foreigners, and the owner asked if we were here to visit the British cemetery. Why else would Les Anglaises be in town? And were we interested in the postcards? 

excerpt from ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten 






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CBC Radio's Mainstreet PEI with Matt Rainnie

CBC’s Mainstreet PEI with Matt Rainnie talks with author Daria Valkenburg about her new book “No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten”. Recorded Feb. 17, 2022.

“The book and the research that went into it has been a true labour of love by Daria and her husband, Pieter”

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Journalist Cody McEachern interviews Daria and Peter Valkenburg and shares how the book  “No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten” came to be realized. Posted: April 25, 2022.


“P.E.I. author highlights 6-week war memorial tour through Europe in new book”

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North Bay Nugget


Daria and Peter Valkenburg talk with PJ Wilson of the North Bay Nugget about their book and the work they have spent during the last eight years collecting stories. Learn how their trip to Holten, in the Netherlands, connected them back to North Bay.


“their efforts to tell the stories of the soldiers, sailors and airmen – has taken them to the sites where great Canadian battles were fought”

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Presentation Aug 11 2022
Daria and Pieter Valkenburg present at 2pm on Aug 11, 2022 at Victoria Playhouse Theatre


Daria Valkenburg chats to Matt Rainnie about their upcoming author talk at the Victoria Playhouse Theatre in Prince Edward Island on Aug. 11, 2022.   Interview recorded Aug. 5, 2022

“…bring those names from history alive through story…”

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A journey to honour

Join Pieter and Daria Valkenburg on their adventure visiting cemeteries and memorials in four European countries – France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany.  Learn the stories behind the names engraved on the Cenotaph in Prince Edward Island, Canada, that inspired the Valkenburg’s research and very personal journey to honour WW1 and WW2 soldiers and ensure that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Customer Reviews


We received No Soldier… today and have been reading it ever since. Such a wonderful journey telling of your travels and memorializing those lost in the tragedy of wars. And here we go again, thinking about what could happen in Ukraine. Reading the book brings home the thought that all wars are really civil wars. Lives lost for nothing. Great job telling the story so not to forget those lost. 

Brien and Moira Robertson


I have just completed reading your interesting book. Your work and dedication is unbelievable. Thank you very much for all you have done and are still doing so that no one gave their lives in vain. Your efforts are a great relief to the families of the fallen soldiers as many were left just knowing their loved ones had died somewhere in Europe. This includes my family and my uncle’s siblings and their parents… 

Simone Comeau


I’ve finally finished your book and I must say that I enjoyed it very much! I like the way it touched on many themes – the courage of the soldiers, the tragedy and futility of war, the respect that the liberated show to the liberators and, of course, the respect that you’ve shown to these young men and the pride you must feel for them as your compatriots! It also reads as a travelogue which makes it lots of fun – maps, getting around, different cultures and of course food! So well done and best wishes to you both.

Phillip Shovk


I really have my nose into your book. You both did a real wonderful job and what a gift to all the families of these Veterans. Both of you deserve enormous credit and need to take a bow. Awesome work.

Bloyce McLellan

Just finished your book! It was a great read. Thank you both for what you have done to honor and remember the Canadian soldiers and the sacrifices they made for all of us in WWI and WWII. Your book was particularly special to me because of the personal friendship I have with both of you. Daria, you have a gift for writing. You write the way you speak. As I read your book, it was as though you were sitting next to me, telling me about this wonderful war memorial trip. Your wit and humor were intact and offered a much needed relief to a serious and somber subject. Thank you both again for all that you have done and continue to do in the name of the fallen soldiers who gave up everything for all of us.

Susan Choi


I always feel comforted when I read what you have both accomplished. Wishing you success on your European memorial tour. I did buy your book, and liked it very much. It sits on my coffee table.

Burnie Reynaert



I am enjoying reading your book. You and Pieter certainly had some adventures and incidents on the way. I particularly love the ‘Fresh’ eggs incident. I would have been confused too. I love the flags you put on the graves you found. A thoughtful gesture and touching for other visitors passing by or looking for that particular grave. The photos are wonderful.

Marie Sever


Daria and Pieter Valkenburg

A dynamic team

Researcher Pieter Valkenburg was born in The Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. He served in the Dutch Air Force before going on to a career in the Dutch Foreign Service. He was posted to ten different places around the world during his diplomatic years, and speaks Dutch, English, and German. Now retired, he is a member of the Borden-Carleton Legion.

Canadian born Daria is a retired accountant, adult education instructor, and writer. Together, they make their home in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to fund further research.